the farm

Aeroponics 101AmaranthAmaranth early growthAmaranth packaged.Assorted product ready to go.Baby Bibb Lettuce.Baby Bok Choy maturingBaby Bok Choy under induction lighting.Ching Chang Bok ChoyBasilBorage (Starflower) about to open up. Leaves and flowers are totally edible.Butter CrunchCalhounCarrot @ Turnip Truck in the Gulch.Carrot and carrot and carrot. All custom grown for our friends here in town.Carrots!CarrotCarrotCarter Creek Greens at Turnip Truck East. Radish, Tatsoi and Mizuna mixture. Get your nutrients!Carter Creek Greens available at Turnip Truck East. Freshly cut and very nutritious!Carter Creek greens now available at Turnip Truck Gulch. Get your nutrients.Carter Creek's newest employee/controller.CilantroCourt Jester MarigoldCressDark Opal Basilearly sproutsFlat Leaf BasilHealthy and green.Hong Vit RadishHong Vit Radish sprouts day 2.Indoor Marigold jungleKilimanjaro and Spun Gold MarigoldKilimanjaro White MarigoldLarger Leafy GreensLittle Amaranth soldiers popping up. Micro CarrotMicro Hong Vit RadishMizuna Mustard Mustard Nasturtium bloomNite time at the farm.Oak Leaf under induction lighting.Opal BasilPandan GrassPea tendrilsPeas please!Peanut greensPink Starflower rarely seen is opening up amongst all the blue starflowersPumpkin blossomsRadish day 4Red Giant MustardRed Vein SorrelRuby Red ChardRuby Red Chard, aka 'Chubby Chard'. One monthShisoSpicy mixSquash BlossomTennessee Sweet Corn shootsthe farmthe farm 2Typical grow set upWheatgrasswheatgrassWheatgrass Shoots